March 03, 2008

Karl Rove's America Update

For those interested in reading about the Don Siegelman case, there is an update on Legal Schnauzer. In a post titled On Siegelman, 60 Minutes, and History, information is provided from various view points. While Legal Schnauzer believes that there are serious questions regarding the prosecution of Siegelman, the blog offers opposing views and is a good resource for anyone who wants more information on this disturbing case.

One of the things I have noticed is that Republicans (at least those who want this story to go away) seem to be employing the tactics of Morton Blackwell who teaches Republicans how to "Handle Negative Information" at his Leadership Institute. And yes, Karl Rove is a proud graduate of Mr. Blackwell's school.

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Anonymous said...


The Siegelman story has been suppressed in Alabama mainly because of the three largest newspapers which are owned by Newhouse Publications which are part of Bush's attack machine. Some of the smaller Independent newspapers have done a really good job of reporting the truth.

Alabama is controlled by corrupt politicians, top elected state judges and Bush appointed federal judges.

Siegelman had to be taken care of so Bob Riley could become governor of Alabama. Riley is being groomed as a future GOP candidate for vice president. Being a past congressman wasn't enough, he needed to have experience as a governor. To give him a record of success Bush's left wing supporters mainly U.S. senators and congressmen have allowed Riley to take all credit for the millions of dollars of large government/military contracts and government grants that have magically flowed into Alabama.