February 10, 2008


If papers were required to warn their readers of the dangers of their product as other products are, the Suburban Journal would be required to place in big bold letters the following; WARNING: THE JOURNAL HAS BEEN FOUND TO REPORT FALSE INFORMATION. As I have reported in detail (Does the O'Fallon Journal have a credibility problem?) the O'Fallon Journal has not only failed to report on the actions of one of its biggest advertisers, McBride & Sons, in illegally destroying a a public road but the Journal has actually reported false information on this story. Despite having been fully informed of the truth, the Journal continues in its attempt to protect the guilty parties.

In an article dated February 9, 2008 entitled Koch Road Case Continues, the writer, Elizabeth Perry reports,
  • Last year, St. Charles County Circuit Judge Lucy Rauch determined St. Charles County was wrong in deeming the road "useless," a decision that led to the destruction of that portion of road and homes being built on the property.

A reader unfamiliar with the facts (i.e. readers of the Journal and Post-Dispatch) are led to believe that St. Charles County's finding that Koch Road was "useless," allowed McBride & Sons (and the developer Hyland Green) to tear out the road. This is absolutely false and Ms. Perry and her editor Erin Schultz are aware this is false. However, by reporting the story in a false light the Journal is able to protect McBride & Sons from further exposure of its illegal actions.

The Journal promotes itself as providing "the most comprehensive coverage" of the St. Louis area. Journal readers should be warned that the Journal's "coverage" is limited to news, whether true or not, it wants to report.

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