November 20, 2007

Lawsuit filed by homeowners against McBride & Sons

In a story reported in the Post-Dispatch today three families have filed suit against McBride & Sons over homes they purchased from the builder. The homes were built on a public right of way; a fact the homeowners state was not disclosed by the builder. A county road (Koch Road) ran on the right of way and was illegally torn out by the builder and developer to build the houses. St. Charles County and O'Fallon were both involved in the illegal destruction of the road and O'Fallon issued building permits to McBride allowing them to build these homes on the public right of way. At a public workshop on November 8, 2007 O'Fallon attempted to cover up its role in this ongoing dispute. St. Charles County and O'Fallon have not been named in the lawsuit at this time.

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