March 06, 2008

Top ten jobs offered by Matt Blunt

Apparently, Matt Blunt has come up with a new plan on how to help Republicans win elections, offer Democrats plum positions. However, the positions offered to State Sen. Frank Barnitz, D-Lake Spring (he declined) and 15th District State Senate candidate Kevin Gunn aren't the only offers Blunt has made. In a Wake Up Call Missouri exclusive, below are the top 10 other positions offered by Blunt;

10. Tony Messenger; Biographer for book about Blunt, "Matt Blunt, The Deleted Years."

9. Speaker of the House Rod Jetton; Sneaker of the House

8. Bill Luetkenhaus; Partnership in new real estate company, "The Blunt Team"

7. Jeff Harris; Chief sniffer for new "Blunt Commission on Sniffling CAFO's"

6. Nathan Cooper; Anything he wants, just as long as Blunt doesn't end up his roommate

5. Steve Ehlmann and Peter Kinder; Co-Chairs of Paul McKee Yes Man Committee

4. Colonel Jack Jackson; CEO of new fried chicken restaurant chain. ( This just in; Governor Blunt has announced that he has offered the position to Colonel Sanders instead.)

3. Kit Bond; Chief of Staff for Senator Roy Blunt

2. Mike Huckabee; Bass guitarist in Matt's new band, "Let's Be Blunt"

1. Sarah Steelman, Kenny Hulshof or Jay Nixon; A job in which nothing needs to be accomplished.

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Anonymous said...

How about Pam Fogarty as speaker of Miss-information and spending.