January 26, 2008

Ehlmann endorses Paul McKee/Peter Kinder for Governor

St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann announced that he is endorsing Peter Kinder for governor. Kinder was the first Republican to announce that he would run for Governor after Matt Blunt's surprising withdrawal from the race earlier this week. Kinder was one of the biggest pushers for the 100 million dollar tax credit many believe was drafted for one man, Paul McKee. Kinder has admitted McKee's lawyers helped to draft the legislation.

McKee, his companies and their employees are major contributors to politicians in Missouri and, especially, St. Charles County. While most of McKee's money goes to Republicans the true test of which candidates he and his companies support is where he plans to develop property. A review of the favoritism shown to McKee's companies in O'Fallon (one of his favorite places to spend money on candidates) shows McKee's money was well spent.

Steve Ehlmann is also one of McKee's favorite politicians. In the last reporting period Ehlmann brought in $27,450.00 of which $8,450.00 came from McKee, his companies and their employees. Ehlmann is not up for re-election until August of 2010. Ehlmann has used his position as County Executive to put his political cronies on the county payroll and he has been the latest errand boy in St. Charles for the builders and developers. Therefore, his endorsement of Kinder/McKee for governor comes as no surprise. however, it does leave me with one question, why would anyone care if one of McKee's lackeys endorses another one for governor?

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