February 01, 2008

Are people waking up?

The last couple of weeks the amount of hits on my site has almost tripled and we may set a new record today. The increase began with the posts about Susan Montee and St. Peters. My two posts reviewing the St. Peters audit had been the most popular pages on the site but last night's post about O'Fallon Mayor Donna Morrow's appearance on You Paid For It has soared to the top of the list by a wide margin. The current top 5 posts are as follows;
  1. Madam Mayor (flip) flops on You Paid For It
  2. Do O'Fallon officials want the truth?
  3. You Paid For It to cover Koch Road
  4. They steal roads don't they!
  5. Why would Hulshof want Jetton?

It is obvious that last night's You Paid For It resulted in a lot of interest in the Koch Road scandal. While the Post-Dispatch and Suburban Journals (both owned by Lee Enterprises) continue to ignore the real story (and in the case of the Journal mislead its readers) more people are learning about alternative methods of getting their news. With blogs now consistently providing the news the media used to ignore, the daily newspaper is becoming nothing more than a place to get ads.

One final thought, the comment section provides a great opportunity to discuss an issue I have written about or just to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. While I moderate the comments, I have not had to reject any yet. My email is also listed on my profile if you would prefer to contact me that way.

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