November 30, 2007

Do You Remember?

This one is for all the long time Mizzou fans. Do you remember?

Do you remember Wilder's rumbles,
Woody's wagon and Floyd's fumbles?

Did you see the Nebraska kick?
Or when Pig dropped that pick?

Did you hear Bill Wilkerson scream?
When it was fifth down, not a bad dream.

Did you ever help tear the posts down
or did you carry a piece through town.

How far have you traveled for a game?
That trip to Shreveport sure was lame.

Van Zant's injury made some say we're cursed
but I think Bob Stull's years were the worst.

Now don't think we didn't have any good ones play.
How about Winslow, Wehrli, Smith and Mel Gray?

So let's welcome aboard all the new faces
to cheer T Ruck, J-Mac and two Chases.

But there's no doubt that this December
is sweeter for those of us who still remember.

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