November 20, 2007

Mr. Nixon what about O'Fallon?

The Thin Blue Line is a term used to describe cops covering up illegal actions by other cops. Cops that abide by this rule will tell you that to "protect and serve" they need to take certain liberties with the law now and then. The "you can't handle the truth" defense.

I'm more worried about The Dark Suit Line, a term I just made up to describe politicians covering for politicians. At least some police departments have an Internal Affairs department responsible for investigating cops. We leave it to politicians to investigate other politicians, a system that isn't working. Politicians live in their own world where they pass laws they expect us to abide by yet if they violate a law it is simply a "technicality" or a "political witch hunt.'' A language which is familiar to politicians from both sides of the aisle. Therefore, it is a monumental task to even get an investigation started much less seek justice.

So when Jay Nixon announced his investigation into Matt Blunt over destroying public records an investigation against O'Fallon and other public bodies for doing the same thing does not necessary follow. I have heard suggestions that some in O'Fallon have close ties to Attorney General Jay Nixon and this is the reason O'Fallon is left alone while Blunt is investigated. Of course, others would suggest Nixon is focusing on Blunt because he is running against him or because the Governor is a Republican. I don't buy any of these theories. I believe the media coverage forced Nixon into the Blunt investigation while O'Fallon's actions have gone largely unnoticed. A politician is only willing to cross The Dark Suit Line on rare occasions. After all, someone may find some "technical" violation of the law they committed and start a "political witch hunt."

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